Custom Veil

Cathedral length wedding veil | Petronella Photography & Ashley Gerrity Photography | see more on:              ...


2 tier double sided Swarovski laden sheath veil. Available in any length - sampled in 54" length - Best seller        


2 tier skirt veil with minimal gather - scattered Swarovski stones on one or both tiers. Sweet and simple.          


Angel cut Cathedral, minimal gather, with heavy Alencon lace train. The train is created from hand cut appliques of lace 10" from the edge. Border of choice - sampled in soutache edge, graduating to 1" Alencon scalloped lace.                    ...

Classic Veil

2 tier medium-gathered plain edge veil. Tier lengths and edges customizable - bottom tier with detachable feature.          

‘Pick-up Veil’

120" long, full cut, platinum edge veil with soft gathers fastened by delicate Swarovski buttons          


Single tier Angel cut veil with 1" Swarovski edge. The applique of 3 different sizes of Swarovski stones are double sided. Offers incredible glamour and sparkle. Best Seller - This veil may come with or without blusher, with any edge and in any length.      


Mid length mantilla, edged in 1" Alencon lace, softly transitioning to wider lace - Dramatic applique design available on back of veil bottom - or offered with border lace only. Stunning and always a best seller.                      ...

Hankerchief Veil

2 tier, Fingertip, plain edge veil with Swarovski stones                                    ...


Single tier, 1/2" bias edge, veil with stunning cascading pattern. Available any length - shown here in 70" long