Art Deco Bracelet

A matching bracelet for the bride who wishes to match her ‘Metropolis’ hairpin, or just to glam up her pearl ensemble – Swarovski pearls come in all shades!! Sterling vintage clasp.        

3 Strand Pearl Classic Bracelet

A perfect solution to a lace gown, with or without embellishment.  This Swarovski pearl bracelet offers a hint of sparkle only and offers the lovely sterling vintage clasp          


This Castellano inspired set channels the heiress in us all.            


This vintage-inspired bracelet has a matching necklace that stuns from across the room.            


Delicate mate to the Classic Chandelier earring.            

Tribal Necklace

Custom made necklace by special order for celebrity wedding.  Designed by Nancy Kraskin & Boutique DeVoile.                                          ...