Clara Bow

This headpiece is comprised of exclusive Boutique de Voile vintage components - to be worn as a top comb, as shown..or on the side of a hairdo. The wearer may choose exactly how long the design on the comb should be made - As always, pearls or clear crystals can also...


It's as though you just released a time capsule. The bold and sensual beauty of Carmen comes to life in this jewel-laden hairpin with marquise-shaped crystals that catch the light, dazzle and enchant all those who cross its path. Wear it alone, or adjoin two around...


Thank heaven for little girls, for they blossom into beautiful, blushing brides. These delicate rosettes were inspired by the innocence and purity of youth. Our Gigi, the porcelain floral hairpins accentuated with crystal and ivory beads, are handcrafted on jewelry...


Reminiscent of jewels worn by Spanish royalty centuries ago, this arch-shaped hairpin is encrusted with Swarovski crystals in an antique setting. It calls to mind an heirloom discovered in your grandmother's Hope Chest. On either side of the antique setting are...

Crystal Pinwheels

These delicate hairpins are meant to be nestled in a romantic hairstyle, and offer a hint of sparkle. They can be set side by side to offer the illusion of a larger organic style. These pins come with the porcelain flower in center, as shown, or can be made without...

Sparkling Snowflakes

These hairpins are designed after the uniqueness of a falling snowflake. They are comprised of clear Swarovski crystal and are best worn in a cluster on the side of an upsweep or even nestled in an upsweep.          

Baroque spirals

A more petite version of our Baroque style, these hair spirals are made with rum pink and clear crystals, and offer sparkling brilliance.        

Roaring Twenties

Antique bow shape hair pin encrusted with crystals.              


The petite version of the organic 'Organdy Blossoms' piece - This is available in both gold or silver - handmade with sprigs of crystals, fresh water pearls and an organdy flower (silk white/light ivory). The best feature is the movable parts on wire to help create...

Crystal Parisian Bow

This French inspired barrette is simultaneously coquettish and flirtatious, and encrusted with Swarovski crystals.                

Art Nouvea

This pin speaks for itself, offered in vintage silver with all silver back crystals of many shapes, and also with silver-back Aurora Borealis accents around the center stone (shown here). This component is also sold to be sewn on a gown, or as shoe buckles, as it...

La Vie en Rose

Wear it with confidence – this brooch/hairpin is a sophisticated work of art. It best compliments the fairest skin, lips of crimson and Grace Kelly’s taut French twist.